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Power Distribution Control System

Sigma’s PDCS facilitate the supervision of the distribution system and show the status of MV Switchboard, Incoming circuit breaker, Bus tie circuit breaker and all types of outgoing circuit breaker. According to philosophy control system, some of the control commands issue through PDCS system. Remote control of circuit breakers and automatic transfer usually performed by this system.

Sigma’s PDCS also show the following information:

  • Voltage on MV and LV bus bars.
  • Frequency on MV bus bars.
  • Current on MV and LV bus bars.
  • Consumption rate on MV and LV bus bars.
  • Power factor on MV and LV bus bars.
  • Consumption rate on UPS (AC and DC) and lighting transformers (If any).

SigmaThe PDCS record all significant events and actions which will occur in the power distribution system. All faults shall be discriminated and correctly recorded with date and time.