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Monitoring And HMI


An effective Operator Interface, or Human Machine Interface (HMI), is a critical component of every control system. This provides operations visibility and input into the process that is being monitored and controlled.

As all control and data collection systems require some form of operator interface, this is a normal system component that falls within Sigma’s scope of supply. Sigma has the capability and experience to develop effective operator interface systems to monitor and control very basic through highly complex production and processing facilities.

Sigma resources have extensive experience designing and integrating most common HMI software utilized in industrial automation systems. In addition to basic system configuration, Sigma’s HMI experience includes the development of HMI standards, graphics migration software tools and alarm management strategies. Customer Acceptance Testing, a vital part of any HMI project, is completed within a controlled environment, to ensure correct operation and function before implementing the HMI on site.

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