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Level 2 Automation



Sigma has successful history for convert data from control system to large database such as SQL server. It helps the client to get data Directly from Field and use for their requirements such as logistic, PM, Planning, History,… management.

In other hand sigma can provide MES system for production plant

SigmaManufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) bridge the gap between the management team and the shop floor operations. The systems provide real-time data to control manufacturing processes more effectively. Manufacturing Execution Systems gather data from the sales/ordering process, provide instructions to the operators and equipment, and communicate the production status, material consumption, quality control and maintenance data back to the management team.

With this real-time data, Sigma can monitor plant conditions and respond quickly to drive increases in productivity, improvements in product quality, machine utilization and reductions in costs. This information allows management teams to examine business areas, identify areas for improvement and solutions to resolve any problems.

Sigma can offer services to support customers throughout the lifecycle of an MES project. Whether you need assistance in identifying your requirements, writing a User Requirement Specification (URS), or meeting regulatory demands, Sigma’s team can offer the level of support needed.

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