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High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

HIPPS is an acronym for High Integrity Pressure Protection System, which is a specific application of Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The function of a HIPPS is to protect downstream equipment against overpressure or upset conditions coming from the upstream. This is achieved by quickly closing two in-series dedicated safety shut-off valves to preventing further pressurization of downstream piping.

It is designed in order to reach the desired fail-safe condition for the process according to the following standards:

IEC 61508:”Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety Related System”
IEC 61511:”Functional Safety: safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector”
ANSI/ISA S84.01:”Application of Safety Instrumented Systems for the Process Industries”
Sigma perform and supply HIPPS base on SIL3 or SIL 4 products.

  • Shutdown of part systems and equipment
  • Isolate hydrocarbon inventories
  • Isolate electrical equipment
  • Prevent escalation of events
  • Stop hydrocarbon flow
  • Depressurize / Blow down
  • Emergency ventilation control
  • Close watertight doors and fire doors

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