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Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition( SCADA)


Responsive control, in conjunction with timely and relevant data, is critical to both operations and management groups in an organization. This includes data from various local and remote sources, including production, gathering, processing and manufacturing, transportation, and inventory systems. One of the critical components of an effective integrated data gathering and control system is supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

As a vendor-independent engineering services provider, Sigma has designed and integrated most major SCADA hosts and associated remote terminal units (RTUs), flow computers, and control and communications systems within a variety of industries we serve.

From gathering production data at the source through to measurement, control and optimization applications at operations and corporate levels, Sigma has the capabilities and experience to develop migration paths for legacy systems and design new SCADA systems to meet our customers’ unique operational and business requirements.
Specific to the hydrocarbon production, processing, and transmission industries, sigma has significant experience in developing systems to comply with regulatory measurement, custody transfer, and reporting requirements.


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