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Sigma provides bellow services for other companies:



Sigma engineering team of dedicated engineers and drafters deeply understand the workings of an integrated control system. Our team includes engineers and drafters that have the knowledge and experience to implement the best integrated control system solution for your facility. We have extensive experience working in hazardous locations with class/division ratings. With Study of P&ID , Control Philosophy and Design Criteria , Sigma engineers evaluate and determine the technology needed to make your project a success.


Regarding of specification of the project, SIGMA delivers variety drawings during detail design. These drawings are prepared by Eplan or Autocad software. The drawing package could include the following documents but not limited to:

  • Electrical Equipment Database
    This is a standard equipment list for the project. All equipment connected by the electrical contractor is made available in electronic format.
  • Process Instrumentation and Control Loop Diagrams
    SIGMA develops detailed control loop diagrams for all process-related valves, motors and discrete and analog process values.
  • Control System Architecture Drawings
    This is a complete communication one-line detailing all relevant information for the connections to the integrated process control systems controllers and HMI stations. If fieldbus technology has been implemented, wiring information is also documented within the system architecture drawings. We can also help by evaluating existing installations. We have experience with Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, foundation fieldbus.
  • Control Panel Layouts and Fabrication Drawings
    Panel drawings include back plate layouts, details, communication and/or power one-lines, and bill of materials.
  • Control Panel Wiring Diagrams
    Diagrams include card wiring details, rack layout, and detailed terminal layouts for control panels.
PLC PROGRAMMINGSigma will customize a solution to meet your automation needs. Our experienced engineers and technicians work with you to incorporate the latest technology in your plant control system.
Our staff works with your team to determine the unique characteristics of how your discrete or process control system needs to function and will incorporate those ideas into the overall control system design.
Whether you wish to retain familiarity with your existing control system or start over with something new, Sigma is ready to meet the challenge!MONITORING AND HMIA simple to operate, reliable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a must for every control system. Our software experts will use today’ s latest HMI packages to design the interface that is right for you.
From easy-to-understand graphics to advanced features such as data logging and trending, batching, and production reporting, Sigma will provide a control system that will make your plant a pleasure to operate.
Sigma Control Systems has a wide variety of expertise in all the major brands of HMI software used in the marketplace today.
As we work to understand your needs, Sigma will do what is needed to ensure you get the best control system solution to fit your needs.


Panel Construction

Sigma offers various types of control and electrical panels specifically designed for use in industrial automation projects. The company has the capability for engineering, designing, and manufacturing panels tailored to the unique requirements of your process or control system. Custom control panels can be built according to your specific design, and Sigma can also facilitate the design and assembly of your panel. Additionally, Sigma provides innovative design features that make panel installation easier and maintain the interior space of the panels safe and organized.


SIGMA has a good experience for installation and commissioning of industrial automation system. In this regard sigma well done following activities in the projects:

EQUIPMENT CHECKOUTEquipment Checkout includes verification that the equipment is fully connected electrically and mechanically and that it can be operated by the control system. Representatives of the electrical contractor, mechanical contractor (if applicable) and a representative of the owner should be present to verify proper operation of the equipment. Equipment checkout tasks include:

  • Motor rotation checks
  • Valve operation
  • Control device operation

SYSTEM COMMISSIONINGSystem Commissioning includes verification that start-up sequences, interlocking, and shut down sequences are working correctly. Systems will also be dry run and flushed of any foreign materials. Representatives of the electrical contractor, mechanical contractor (if applicable) and a representative of the owner should be present to verify proper operation of the equipment.

PROCESS STARTUPProcess startup begins once all equipment has been checked out and commissioned. This includes assisting plant operators in initial production, monitoring the control system operation, fine-tuning operations, monitoring alarm conditions, verifying data collection, and recording changes to allow for accurate documentation.
SIGMA recommends that the owner be responsible for scheduling and coordinating the process startup portion of the project.



Utilizing diverse resources from international suppliers as well as reputable domestic manufacturers, this company procures various control system equipment, precise instrumentation, and fire alarm and suppression system equipment in their original form from different brands. The procurement includes:

  • Supplying control system equipment
  • Providing precise instrumentation equipment (such as transmitters, switches, gauges, analyzers, and control valves)
  • Procuring fire alarm and suppression system equipment



Training will be considered for client staffs which cover all hardware and software of the project. The courses and program of training will be issued with more details after contract.
Three different courses will be prepared which consist of engineering, Operator and maintenance. Engineering course will be taught in vendor’s office and operation and maintenance course will be taught in site of client. The following courses will be offered for this project:

  • Training of operators group to overtake system operation
  • Training of Maintenance group to overtake troubleshooting and maintenance system
  • Training of Engineers to perform system configuration and programming.

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