Material Handeling


Sigma know that material handling is key to getting your products to market quickly and efficiently. We have continued to develop experience and expertise in material handling. We have provided numerous material handling applications across a wide spectrum of industries, and projects have included handling of several different forms of material.

  • Bulk Solids Handling: Belt and screw conveyors, bucket elevators, stackers and related equipment control.
  • Pneumatic Transport Systems: Powdered and granular solids pneumatic transport systems including dilute phase and dense phase flow regime applications.
  • In-process Goods Handling: Roller and chain conveyors, right angle and rotary transfer systems, robotically controlled manufacturing cells and overhead conveyors.
  • Finished Products Handling: Coordinating packaging equipment with inspection and marking systems, and palletizers.
  • Liquid Transport and Storage: Pumping stations, tank farms, truck loading/unloading stations, metering stations.

Users of modern material handling systems are often concerned with more than just smooth and reliable operation of the equipment. Sigma is also experienced with the identification and inspection systems and reporting requirements normally associated with material handling applications.