Cement factory


Sigma has a solution for totally integrated control system for all divisions of cement factories. Our engineering team are capable to provide control system in the plat form of CEMAT. 
CEMAT is a dedicated solution for cement factories. It includes all of the main functions and graphics which used in the plant.

The CEMAT process control system offers an entirely new approach and is the best way to optimize cement production potential - at all corporate levels and throughout the value chain. CEMAT helps reduce cement production costs through resource management and productivity monitoring - from raw materials to finished products. With just a few mouse clicks, you can access all relevant cement production data in virtual real time. As a result, CEMAT makes a significant contribution to optimizing cement production capacities facility-wide. 
Additional CEMAT benefits for the cement industry include excellent operation and integrated diagnostic features, which help detect potential faults quickly - before a problem - and minimize outages.