Metal & Mining Process


Sigma specializing in metals and mining offer more than just technical integration skills. It understands the needs of the industry and the requirements that go along with it. Our industry understanding extends beyond automation technology. We understand the complex processes involved in the various forms of mining. This knowledge enables us to focus on process performance and optimization

We offer a wide range of product and system solutions, including process equipment, packaging equipment, design engineering, mechanical fabrication, project execution, batching, HMI software, and many other applications.

Our Experience includes:

  • Automated systems for non-destructive testing and mechanical testing
  • Automated solutions for Direct Reduction Iron (DRI ) Plant
  • Control system for metal Melting
  • Automated system for Material handling
  • Control and automated solutions for remote process monitoring of forgings and castings
  • Systems that control and monitor mine ventilation performance and mine seal integrity
  • Control and automated solutions for explosion propagation research and air quality monitoring and alarming
  • Personnel proximity monitoring and automated equipment shut down (ensure safe distance between miner and operating equipment)

When your metals and mining project requires automation and integration, let SIGMA be your guide. You can be confident you will get the solution and results you want and need with a control system integrator who belongs to SIGMA.