Oil and Gas


Sigma provides services to the hydrocarbon production, processing, storage, and transportation industries.

SIGMA well had done the projects in the environment of multi-vendor, complex automation systems, controlling large industrial production facilities. Hydrocarbon processing facilities typically require the integration of a number of technologies to provide efficient and effective measurement and control. In addition to a central regulatory control system, these facilities may also require a combination of safety, gathering, SCADA, vibration monitoring, fire and gas, electrical load monitoring, and measurement systems, as well as analyzers and other OEM equipment packages. Sigma has extensive experience in the design and integration of complete instrumentation, electrical, and control systems, and associated network and data systems, for our customers' hydrocarbon production and processing assets.

Sigma experience in the oil and gas field includes:

  • compression and pump station control
  • well head flow measurement and control
  • Control and monitoring of gas Gathering system
  • gas processing and midstream extraction facilities
  • oil battery primary separation and processing