Petrochemical & Refinery


SigmaComplex processes involving potentially hazardous materials are an inherent part of chemical plants. Safety considerations and regulatory requirements demand tight automation control strategies and a high level of process design expertise.

Sigma experience in designing and implementing control systems in the chemical industry enables us to refine our strategies to ensure our systems maximize plant safety and operational efficiencies. These efficiencies reduce downtime, enhance productivity, and hasten cost recovery on high-capital infrastructure and start-up costs.

We offer a wide range of product and system solutions, including automated plant utility systems, manual and continuous processes, batch operations, test stands, conveyor and assembly line control and many other applications.Our experience includes but not limited to:

  • Systems that control and monitor manual processes, continuous processes, batch Process and data collection.
  • Automated plant utility systems with basic plant utilities in addition to steam for heating and cleaning, deionized water, dust collection systems, HVAC controls, solvent monitoring, paint mixing and dosing
  • Control and automation solutions for various applications, including batch process, reactor controls, powder drying, solvent mixing, distillation, granulation and chemical transfer.