Building Automation


Temperature, humidity, flow, pressure and particulate counts are all critical parameters monitored by building management systems. Sigma understands this and the specific needs of regulated customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

Sigma customize function to save energy costs. Implementation of HVAC Control, Boiler Management, Control of Pumps and Fan and Lighting Control with predefined scenario also is used in Sigma services.

Regulatory requirements mandate tight control of environmental conditions within laboratory, manufacturing, packaging, stability chambers and warehouse areas, making building automation a vital component of these facilities. Our industry experience and knowledge of requirements, control systems, and validation make Sigma an ideal resource for these projects.

Typical systems we have delivered monitor such variables as temperature, humidity, and room pressurization; and utilize this information for calculating mean kinetic temperature, and alarm and data reporting. In order to gather this information some of our customers employ their plant standard DCS and PLC platforms while others use specialized building automation systems.