Project Management


At the first Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is prepared by our team. After that sigma manage projects with several ways such as Project Planning, Budget Control, and cost tracking. To accomplish this, we have adopted and developed a variety of methods that offer scalability to meet our clients' business needs, including:

  • a three-level planning process, which tracks and reports planned progress, earned value, and expended budget and reports this data at periodic intervals
  • detailed coordination and progress tracking tools for discipline leads and the Sigma project manager (NIPC)
  • a scope-change control and tracking mechanism, whereby requested additions and changes in project scope are routed through a scope definition, cost estimation, client approval, and project budget modification process
Quality Assurance/Control

One of the major point in project management, providing and coordinate the team to meet requirement of accepted Quality. For this purpose several ways is considered to keep the quality at top, such as control input document, Control output document and control Transmittal of sent documents.